8 ideas for realistic everyday self-care

8 ideas for realistic everyday self-care

Most of us are busy juggling some combination of working, mum or dad life (to tiny humans or other), trying not to compare ourselves to other yet totally surrounded by curated images of "success" , our own self doubts, trying to eat healthy, kinda workout, be a good friend, colleague, partner etc. Through all of this life sometimes just be life-ing. We can end up in routines that do not give us a chance to rejuvenate and re-centre ourselves. 

Something I have been focusing more and more on over the last few years as I am traveling, working in different countries, always on flights and the difficult conversations and conditions we witness people living in as part of my work,  it is more and more important to make sure I can am able to serve as best as I can. Serving for me means being present if you want to show up as your best for those you love or encounter you have to be pouring from a full cup.

Making simple everyday self-care moments to refresh and bring a sense of presence and process any uncomfortable feelings is key to being able to avoid burn out.

For me self-care is all about the things you can do in your life now which will not costs you a lot of time or money. These self-care ideas below last about 10 minutes but worth so much more for your energy and feeling present.

  1. Drinking your coffee outside in the sunshine, even better make it a walking coffee. Feel the cool air or sun on your face.
  2. Waking up a little earlier when the world is quiet, slowing down your morning routine extra 5 minutes in the shower, extra time to make east breakfasts like oats or toast and actually enjoying it. The same goes at the end of the day getting ready for bed a little earlier so you can do your skincare routine before you are too tired or listen to a sleep meditation to ease into a restful state for better sleep.
  3. Stretch, even at your desk or in your room. Move your body, twist out your ankles, wrists and neck. Child pose it out. Whatever your body needs.
  4. Write it all out. Journal for 10 minutes, set a timer and just write
  5. Make a cup of tea, put on a face mask and just enjoy slowly, focusing on the being in the moment.
  6. Paint your nails whilst listening to a meditation, your favorite song or podcast
  7. Dance it all out (totally greys anatomy inspired). Find a space to be alone, where you feel free. Put on one of your favorite songs and dance or sing it out. Repeat 3 times. I love doing this in the mornings when I am feeling a little groggy, nothing like getting ready to
  8. Find a quiet space and feel all the feels. Sit with the emotions, for me this is normally the days before my period where everything feels heavy and that feeling that any small thing will make me cry. It still always takes me  time to work out that actually it is hormonal or there is something on my mind unresolved. Acknowledging the likely cause is already one step closer to feeling more centered. Sometimes for no reason, for all the reasons you just sometimes need a moment. Give yourself that moment. No self-judgement just be.

All these are inexpensive and don’t need much time I hope these ideas for taking some time to recharge are ideas you want to implement. 

 I hope you can do one of them today, let me know ✨

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