About Me

Ruva Skincare is a minimalist natural-focused brand based in the UK that offers botanical-based skincare products started by myself Ruth in my mums kitchen. I started with just an interest of natural ingredients born out of finding a way to manage my eczema through one of the african botanical greats - shea butter.

From there I studied natural skincare formulation at Formula Botanica and eventually started dreaming of my own brand that would focus on progress over perfection, celebrating ingredients from across the globe and making the everyday moments special.

In my day job I am a humanitarian worker traveling across the globe as an Epidemiologist. I have spent most of the last 5 years working across Africa where I am from (Zim girl here). From the smoothing south african acmella flower to kalahari desert oil used by the San people for over 4000 years to protect their skin from the harsh desert climate and nourishing marula oil these places and stories are celebrated in how I formulate my products.

This journey is years in the making and I am excited to finally be able to share our formulation with you.

To finish I would also like to give a special acknowledgement to my mother (mothership). All of this would not be possible without the God-fearing powerhouse, who has instilled the spirit of hard work and pushing through.

Join us for your journey of finding your bloom

Love, Ruth

(Founder, ruth@ruvaskincare.co.uk)