About Us

Healthy glowing, nourished, smooth skin doesn't just happen - in the world confusing and unclear sourced ingredients at RUVA we believe simple skincare routines that work is the solution focused on ancient plants & flowers used for millenia across the african landscape, ethically sourced. 
At our heart we want to do good for your skin and for the people at the beginning of the beauty supply chain we we work with.
Ruva skincare started with our founder Ruth, a Zim girl who became a certified natural skincare formulator after finding healing and skin confidence through harnesing the power of african botanicals through shea butter to cure her eczema then exploring other botanical passed down and used in Zimabwe and wider African continent. Her mission is to help people achieve their best confident skin, celebrating her origins from Zimbabwe alongside ensuring ethical supply chain. Ethics is core to everything we do we call it "do-good" is and always our GPS and guiding mantra, this is driven by her years working across the african continent as a humanitarian worker, we do not want to add to the problem but ensure through our ethical supply chians we can support the economic empowerment of the communities we work with.
We are bringing you your next hero products that work simply, sourced from mission driven cooperatives that have proven capacity to meet our mission - skincare that does good.
These ingredienst are proven and natural whilst being simple so you can use your time on enjoying your best skin confidence on it's own or over make-up - you do you confidently and ethically.
Ruva Skincare, do-good skincare.