Brand Mission


Do-good skincare. Ancient african ingredients inspired & ethically sourced.


We are commited to bringing results driven natural skincare for those with changing skin by ensuring ethical sutainable sourcing of ingredients (do-good skincare) and celebrating ancient african beauty rituals starting with shea butter (nicolita) from South Sudan through womens cooperatives and Marula oil from Zimbabwe partnering with gme chnaging local initiatives focused on increasing the economic viability of Zimabwean plant species. 

 We want to make sure we support local community intiatives (the beginiing of our beauty supply chain) by ensuring fair wages and ethical practices  - what we call - do-good through our brand. We are here to support the economic empowerment & growth of those at beginnign of our supply chain picking the gorgeous marula fruit or shea nut to make good for your skin products.

Good for them, good for you.


With RUVA, you know you are supporting and making ethical choices whilst celebrating ingredients passed down through communities from the african continent to your skincare routine.