Brand Mission

Ruva Skincare is a minimalist and natural-focused skincare brand for the go-getter professionals who are overwhelmed and are looking to create balance, growth, and progress with their skin and life.
By providing intentional, and multi-purpose botanical-based skincare products, our brand aims to empower confidence, joy, growth and balance while creating a radical difference of appreciating one’s skin and life wherever you may be in your journey.

We continue to be dedicated being a minimalist and transparent brand, providing transparency with the steps and ingredients that are carefully curated in each product in such a way it is simple and uncomplicated for our users.
Ruva Skincare encourages skin progression rather than perfection -- allowing the skin to nourish and bloom to its best state while giving the user the confidence wherever he/she may be in his/her skin journey.
The brand stands true to its name as Ruva means “flower” in the native language of Shona from Zimbabwe - just like a flower, it takes time to bloom but along the way, no matter what phase it is in, the flower remains beautiful . As a minimalist skincare brand, it uses as minimum as possible, and simple yet effective ingredients that proudly celebrate the wonders and abundance of Africa as it primarily uses natural indigenous African ingredients in its products.