THE travel skincare routine

THE travel skincare routine

a nomad at heart; I have found myself most happy waking up in new cities, new food, new sounds, and still love the light butterflies on aeroplanes with the excitement looming of a new destination. My favourite locations have always come as a warm surprise with several etching themselves on my heart Nairobi, Addis Ababa, Hergeisa, Jaipur, Chiang Mai, Paris you name it. Across all the travel and work, what has stayed consistent is my love of having a reliable skincare kit that adapts as I move around and gives me a moment of self-care in all the bustle and inevitable moments of overwhelm.

I created the enzymatic facial oil, in response to not being able to find a functional oil that could repair, refresh my skin to help it heal after all the dust, planes and climates that I pass through. I am also prone to eczema and the hero ingredient papaya enzyme is gentle enough to smooth and help heal by encouraging cellular regeneration. Everyone who has tried the enzymatic facial oil always says I woke up to feeling my smoothest skin!

This is one part of a simple skincare routine with a couple extra when time allows or my soul needs it. Follow the CTM (SPF) principles:

  • Cleanse (double if you are so inclined)
  • Toner
  • Moisturise - this the step the enzymatic facial oil comes in
  • The extra’s: Face masks , other serum’s, Essence, simple facial oils, gua sha and other face tools
  • SPF – absolute must, I believe in spending more on your SPF to ensure it gives you the protection but more importantly has the skin feel that means you ACTUALLY use it every day. I go for the Super goop! everyday PLAY/anything by super goop! It is a great light SPF and does not give you that flash back that makes you feel hoodwinked and swear off SPF.

These steps are a way to organise your skincare and streamline for travel, pack your favourite in each category (stick to max 2 for the extra’s category).

Put your current skincare in a simple skincare bag, this means you know when you grab it you have everything you need. I have to share bathrooms, use very simple basic bathing facilities so having a simple bag with everything makes that process easier.

The simpler the routine is the more likely you do it and move towards your best glow. I think it is important to be positive about your akin at whatever stage it is at and focusing on nourishing and strengthening your skin barrier.

The goal is and will always be to bring you your best skin confidence, feeling good where you are now. Progress over perfection.

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