This is how to build a skincare routine you will actually do

This is how to build a skincare routine you will actually do

As a skincare formulator and enthusiast, I am very good at purchasing (& making 😅) skincare products. With so many brands, new releases, new hero ingredients, FOMO etc,etc. There is something new to buy. It is easy to wind up with products that you end up not using or that you feel do not work for you. 

Here are my tips to have skincare products you actually use.

  • Keep it simple cleanser moisturiser spf – fine tune these 3 and you already half way there. I believe in the ultimate experience with skincare I do not mind spending a bit more as long as the product feels good and I see results. So fine tune the key aspects then move onto adding a serum for your specific concern or goal so vitamin c to brighten and protect skin, vitamin A for ageing skin and smoothing, exfoliating serum for rough skin etc etc. Pick one or two concerns to target and this narrows down the options of products and helps you to spend less time (unless you are like me and you can spend hours smelling, feeling and debating skincare products)
  • Define your budget. How much are you willing to spend on a single skincare product? This a very dependent on how you value it or the money you have available (please do not go broke on skincare; there are amazing brands at all levels). There are face creams that cost 2GBP and some that costs 200 GBP the key is to see where you lie on this. Once there then you know you are looking at drug stores (that offer amazing affordable to mid-priced ranges) or on skincare websites like cult beauty or space nk that have a mid – luxury price ranges. Do not follow trends focus on your routine and what your skin needs.
  • Buy a new product when you have finished the one you have. I know, I know - this can be difficult if you want to try many things but it is important you focus on using up products, this also allows you to see how they really work with your skin. If a product is not working for your face, you can gift it to someone who you think it may suit more or you use it as body wash for example so you do not waste your cash money. I love having a list of products that I have already used or wanting to use for when I need to purchase the next one this allows me to still have the fun of looking into skincare but being mindful on spending. I also love trying sample size products if you want to see what suits your skin.
  • Choose to focus on your AM or PM routine. I focus on my evening routine because my morning can sometimes be 20 minutes before I am at my desk. My evening skincare I can spend a bit more time and normally accompanied with a YouTube video or podcast and a cup of tea. In the evening, I always cleanse and I love the products I use so that is already a guarantee that it happens every evening. I cleanse and use a facial moisturiser with a couple drops of ruva skincare enzymatic facial oil every other day.  This 2-step routine is the default, I add a toner and serum when I am in the mood that is most night but means I am not doing an all or nothing system. I have a minimum and maximum routine.
  • Have a go-to multifunctional nourishing moisturiser. I travel a lot for work so having this simple system means that even in very remote setting with a bucket shower I can still compete the routine. This means that my skincare is very limited but effective, I like to travel with a backup serum but my go-to product is the enzymatic facial oil, it keeps my skin soft through the flights, dust and harsh water. I formulated exactly for skin going through changes with a focus on nourishing and smoothing – you wake up to smooth skin no matter where you are - trust me!

I hope you find these tips helpful! Add any of your own in the comments below 🧡

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